Developing Powerful 321 Messaging

From everyday advertisements to public speeches, we consume several thousand messages per day. What makes some last while others instantly fade? This course offers detailed insight into message strategies underpinned by research and professional public relations experience. Learn to leverage language rhetorical tactics toward clear, concise messages that impact your audience toward action.
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Emotions v. Facts 

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Interactive, team-building professional development training exclusively for public schools.

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Years of experience in communications strategy distilled into on-demand courses. 

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Virtual modules, featuring multimedia curriculum.


Test your knowledge on the most important keys to successful communications. 

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Created by

Brian J. Stephens

CEO Caissa Public Strategy, Nation's Leading Student Recruitment Expert at CaissaK12
Brian J. Stephens has more than 25 years of experience as a business and leadership development strategist, crisis manager, and attorney. Brian has taught in both college psychology departments and law schools. He holds a Juris Doctor and undergraduate degrees in Industrial Psychology and Business Management.