Learning Styles and Why They Don’t Matter

Humans create categories to simplify our worlds, leading to the creation of learning styles in education. But is this the most effective way to design lessons? In this course, examine the popular learning style categories saturating education and professional training. Learn how to avoid rigid categories while using best practices for reaching your students or your team.
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Learning Styles and Why They Don’t Matter

Course Overview

Humans are drawn to categorization to simplify our worlds, and this tendency has resulted in creating types of learning styles. But is this the most effective way to create curriculum? In this course, we examine the popular and myriad learning style categories to determine their truths and misuses. Through this lesson, we’ll take a realistic perspective on how best to utilize learning style methods while acknowledging their fluid, nebulous nature.


This workshop is designed for educators and administrative leaders who want to develop curriculum for classroom education or professional development. This course is designed for all levels of participants and provides learning content for new and seasoned education professionals.

     ● Teachers
     ● Board of Education Members
     ● Superintendents
     ● Assistant Superintendents
     ● Recruitment Personnel
     ● Community Engagement Team Members
     ● Principals
     ● Administrative Team Members

Components and Materials

     ● One 39-minute video course, written content, quiz, certificate
     ● Participants will need technology with internet access


Leadership and educators will be able to apply strategies based on best practices of learning styles while understanding the limitations of rigid categorization.

*Certificate of Completion

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Brian J. Stephens has more than 25 years of experience as a business and leadership development strategist, crisis manager, and attorney. Brian has taught in both college psychology departments and law schools. He holds a Juris Doctor and undergraduate degrees in Industrial Psychology and Business Management.