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Public speaking is a cultivated skillset grown through several tactics; however, these useful approaches often counter what people believe they must do to appear experienced and professional. By unpacking the myths that keep people from sending strong effective messages in a public speaking setting, we will build a foundation in the fundamental principles that encourage success and guide the media training courses to follow in the series.
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Being Yourself 
Practicing Hard for Easier Performances

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Interactive, team-building professional development training exclusively for public schools.

Expert Insight

Years of experience in communications strategy distilled into on-demand courses.

Video Lessons

Virtual modules featuring multimedia curriculum.


Test your knowledge on the most important keys to successful communications.

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Earn certificates for every professional development training course you take.

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Brian J. Stephens

CEO at Caissa Public Strategy, Nation's Leading Student Recruitment Expert at CaissaK12
When it came time for James to attend school, he was automatically assigned to the public school nearest his home in the Bronx. He attended every school in the New York City public school system, from elementary school through high school graduation. He credits his success in school to the educational opportunities he had in the public school system. In his adult life, James has worked to ensure that other children have the same opportunities he had in school, and has made it his life’s mission to improve the public school system.