Train Your Team with Interactive Roleplay

Are lecture and discussion-style training not translating into team improvement? This course provides detailed the best practices of using interactive roleplay learning to prepare for workplace disruptions and difficult people. Through exploring key features, such as recreating emotion and offering feedback, we will learn how to use high-energy roleplaying as a key in customer service training.
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Real-Life Scenarios

31 m

Quiz for Review and

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Interactive, team-building professional development training exclusively for public schools.

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Course Syllabus


Training Your Team with Interactive Roleplay

Course Overview

Training strategies for great family and customer service often fall into lecture and conversation styles that can only go so far to prepare teams for complicated interpersonal situations. This course provides detailed insight into the best practices of using interactive roleplay learning to prepare for workplace disruptions and difficult people. Through exploring key features, such as recreating realistic emotion and
offering constructive feedback, we will learn how to use high-energy roleplaying as a key in customer service training.


This workshop is designed for professionals who want to train for difficult conflicts in customer service through interactive roleplay learning. This course is designed for all levels of participants and provides learning content for new and seasoned education professionals.

     ● Clerical Staff
     ● Board of Education Members
     ● Superintendents
     ● Assistant Superintendents
     ● Recruitment Personnel
     ● Community Engagement Team Members
     ● Principals
     ● Administrative Team Members

Components and Materials

     ● One 31-minute video course, written content, quiz, certificate
     ● Participants will need technology with internet access


All professionals will be able to apply strategies for effective interactive roleplay to
prepare for difficult workplace disruptions and interpersonal conflicts.

*Certificate of Completion

Course Lessons

Created by

Brian J. Stephens

CEO Caissa Public Strategy, Nation's Leading Student Recruitment Expert at CaissaK12
Brian J. Stephens has more than 25 years of experience as a business and leadership development strategist, crisis manager, and attorney. Brian has taught in both college psychology departments and law schools. He holds a Juris Doctor and undergraduate degrees in Industrial Psychology and Business Management.